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The camping fridge electric coolbox is a very useful item that often gets overlooked when planning a camping holiday. These little beauties can make a huge difference in your ability to prepare food and keep the beers cool during those hot summer days. Many will even run off a car battery so if you're on the move food and milk will stay cool for your next spot making it a very useful buy.

Some important factors to look at when buying a fridge are:

Will you need it?
Don't waste money on something you're not going to need, it will take up valuable room in the car and can prove a headache to lug around, especially after a weeks use when it's in need of a clean.
Go for the smallest you fell you can get away with, the smaller the easier it is to move, the less power it will use and the cooler it will keep things if the battery goes phut!
Power usage
12V fridges are ideal as you can plug them into your car or get a converter so they can run off the mains, some even come with built in mains converters. If you are going to be using the fridge from the car a lot then get a second battery fitted. What you don't want is a nice cool fridge but a nice dead car.
Powered Cool Boxes
Quite new on the scene are the powered cool boxes (coolers), Whilst small these work very well as they keep incredible cool for days even when not plugged in. perfect if you are moving around. If it's a few packs of meat, some milk and few beers you need to keep cool I would recommend these type every time. Igloo Coolers are a good make to go looking for.
Make sure your cooler/fridge can take a bit of a beating. We all know how many times things get dropped, sat on, run over, pushed into the sea when camping. Check out the panels, the door and the seals of the fridge. Make sure everything feels solid and robust. You don't want to be buying another one half way through your holiday.

If you follow those steps you should come away with the perfect fridge that is perfect for keeping the beers cool and if there is room left over, possible some milk and bacon.

One last thing before you go ahead and buy, don't forget you could save a bit of money if the store you are buying from offers some sort of discount code, sites such as Coupon Croc and Slash Prices offer an abundance of codes from most of the UK's biggest stores

To go alongside your new fridge you may want the best cooking experience, range cookers offer large hobs and high capacity ovens, perfect for complicated recipes or cooking for large numbers of guests. There are hundreds of range cookers available, in many different configurations, styles and colours, so you should be able to find your perfect cooker.

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